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TotAL RPG 1.17.6 APK + MOD [Unlimited Money] Download

TotAL RPG 1.17.6 APK + MOD [Unlimited Money] Download

TotAL RPG MOD APK is a place where the player becomes a lone hero, where your character must fight for the highest glory. Your mission is simply to defeat all the enemies in front of you to protect the peace of the whole world. It could be against evil or an evil force, join this game now to find out more.

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Introduce about TotAL RPG

TotAL RPG – A wanderer’s journey against evil

If you are a fan of the familiar role-playing game series, you should not ignore the TotAL RPG game. This is a product that has just been released on the game market not long ago. It possesses all the elements that can make players feel right from the first experience. In the game, you will transform into a wanderer on his way to destroy the evil forces. You will be free to move on the map and fight flexibly without being bound during the experience.


It can be seen that the publisher Tzar Games Studio has done a great job with this product when it comes to providing an extremely attractive quality experience. Along with that is the sharp visual effect that promises to bring the fiercest and most beautiful battles possible. The game is currently available on the App Store and Google Play, making it easy for players to download the game and enjoy it. Are you ready to become a true hero with the desire to save the world from danger?

A wanderer’s journey

In TotAL RPG, players will become true wanderers with endless journeys to bring peace to the villagers. Bad guys are raging everywhere and spreading fear to the people, you must stand up to destroy them and help the village return to its inherent peace. This is a very difficult and dangerous mission, requiring players to be really agile in their moves to dodge the opponent’s attacks.

You will be taken to different locations to carry out your mission. This will help players not feel bored when experiencing the game for a long time. Each land you go to will bring different challenges with significantly increased difficulty. Your enemies will become stronger than ever. So be careful in battles with them if you do not want to be finished quickly.

Complete the challenge alone

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Players will not receive any help from anyone else during the TotAL RPG experience. You have to solve the problems that the game brings on your own, and at the same time launch a beautiful sequence of moves to be able to defeat all opponents present on the map. After each level, you will receive a certain amount of experience to help your character level up and unlock new moves to increase attack power when fighting. In general, the operation of the game is relatively simple but brings quite a high attraction.

Easy controls

The control method in TotAL RPG is built quite similar to normal role-playing games. This is quite reasonable when this manipulation system is so familiar to players around the world. It will help you feel easy to control during the game experience. The virtual steering wheel button located on the left of the screen will be responsible for helping the character move easily. While launching powerful skills will be done with the features integrated on the right of the experience screen.

Upgrade character’s strength

There are two ways to power up a character in TotAL RPG. The first is to upgrade the basic stats. It will help the character to reach the overall strength. Every time you reach enough stats, the character will level up, and the stats will increase significantly. At the same time, your appearance will also have a more pronounced change than before to make it easier to distinguish. Moreover, pay attention to upgrading skills to optimize the amount of damage they bring.

The second way to increase strength is to equip the character with the most powerful weapons. This game offers more than 50 different weapons, there are many armors and weapons for players to choose freely. All the tools in the game will make your fighting process much easier. At the same time, look for weapons that are suitable for the character if you want to maximize their effectiveness.

Realistic 3D graphics

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If you are a lover of role-playing games, you will certainly care a lot about graphics. Perhaps the publisher Tzar Games Studio has learned to bring the display quality quite similar to the relatively famous role-playing game on the game market today. The details in TotAL RPG will be very carefully equipped in many aspects, along with high sharpness. This will help the battles become more attractive and attractive than ever.

How to install TotAL RPG

Step 1: Download the APK or MOD (Unlimited Money) version of TotAL RPG from

Step 2: If this is your first time downloading the APK file, you should go to Settings -> allow device access to unknown apps.

Step 3: Then you proceed to click the Install button to install the game.

Step 4: After the successful installation process, click on the TotAL RPG icon and experience it right away.

Download TotAL RPG MOD APK for Android

By learning the gameplay as well as the operating style of the outstanding role-playing games in the present time. TotAL RPG still shows its charm with new improvements. Along with that, the extremely fierce and dramatic battles will surely make players feel satisfied as soon as they are enjoyed. Moreover, the MOD version we provide below the article will help you increase your winning rate when playing the game.

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