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SkyView v3.7.0 APK (Paid & Unlocked)

SkyView v3.7.0 APK (Paid & Unlocked)

Are you someone who loves to study astronomy and the universe but has not had the opportunity to explore them with a telescope? Today, with the development of science and technology, helping you explore the sky, see constellations and planets in outer space with applications on your phone is no longer too difficult. Don’t worry too much; one of the applications that help you make your dreams come true that you should consider experiencing. It’s SkyView – the best space exploration app currently available.

SkyView® Explore the Universe


SkyView is an educational science application that helps you gain knowledge about the universe and a pretty good entertainment app for those who are passionate about exploring the universe in general and the space around the Earth in particular. The application is developed by Terminal Eleven studio, a relatively young application developer but very famous in the field of scientific development. Installing applications also becomes easy, not too tricky, like installing other applications.

The application uses a simple interface that is easy to use but very realistic, fully demonstrating features such as virtual reality views, 3D models, or time travel. Are you passionate about watching meteors, comets, or sporadic natural phenomena? Don’t worry; our app will keep you fully informed of all the events that will take place soon. If you have forgotten or cannot watch the event live, you can watch it again by adjusting the time and orientation of the phone to track it again.

SkyView® Explore the Universe SkyView® Explore the Universe


You have a strong passion for astronomy and space, but you have not had many opportunities to explore the world of planets and stars with a telescope. Now with SkyView, you don’t have to be a NASA employee or an astronomer, but you can still easily destroy stars, constellations, and planets. Discover the constellations, stars in the sky anytime, anywhere.

With just a few simple taps, like a few taps on the screen and navigating your phone, you can explore the universe with its beautiful, intuitive stars. You can view the full 88 constellations as they fade as you scan the sky, locate every planet in our own solar system, and explore distant galaxies. The app helps support Spacenavigator binoculars mode, object detection scopes, and telescopes to give you the most accurate and true-to-life experience.


Point your device to the sky to track satellites around the Earth passing by your location. Don’t worry; it becomes difficult to explore the universe by night, but it becomes quite easy with this app and the night filter mode with red, green light. The application gives you the most realistic view of the sky possible, displaying the scenery above that you will not be able to experience with the naked eye.

Virtual reality mode is also included in the application to help users experience the most realistic. Show you the full range of constellations, planets that have been discovered by scientists before. The application does not require you to use Wifi network 3G 4G to access when using the application. The tool uses your geolocation to find the exact location of entities in the direction of your phone.

SkyView® Explore the Universe SkyView® Explore the Universe


One of the very standout features of the app is to help you time travel. Travel to the future and return to the past at a specific time to explore the universe and the planets in the solar system. You can also track the sun path of any entity you choose at random. Choose any satellite you like to track its journey, see precisely where it is at each time of day and at different times.

The application is perfect for young people. It enhances the 3D spatial model by explaining galaxy concepts with real-life videos. Help your children explore and discover the outside world while teaching them to learn more this beneficial knowledge. You can also use the images and videos that are shared with people around or a community of astronomy lovers in your discovery process.

For users who are passionate about space and astronomy or who want to learn more about space, SkyView is the application you are looking for. Do not hesitate any longer without owning this application right away to satisfy your passion.

SkyView – Explore the Universe

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