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Merge Battle Car v2.20.2 MOD APK (Money/Level up fast)

Merge Battle Car v2.20.2 MOD APK (Money/Level up fast)

Merge Battle Car: Idle Clicker is a game that combines racing and car modeling. With this game, you will freely collect many types of vehicles with different models and sizes. If you want to collect as many cars, you have to complete more races. The game has organized a Merge Muscle Car America event to attract more participants in the new update. In addition to the giant car battleship, the designer created Neon racing planes and added a number of other events.

Merge Battle Car: Idle Clicker


On the planet of Merge Battle Car, players will be satisfied with their hobby of collecting cars as well as participating in extremely tough and challenging races. To this place, the game will take you to the production site of vehicles and witness the process of creating modern cars. Moreover, participants will create their own cars with different colors. Mainly for this game series, players have to perform car races hundreds of kilometers – meters long and have to finish first. Only then can you spend the maximum amount of bonus that the game has predetermined, and that is also a premise for you to buy or upgrade your vehicles.

Merge Battle Car: Idle Clicker


As the name of the car world, Merge Battle Car will provide you with a wide range of car models such as many famous car manufacturers. Along with that, you will admire new vehicles with highly unique and stylish designs. The interesting thing here, those vehicles will be transformed into powerful robots. While collecting cars, the player must learn how to assemble those cars into a fully-formed robot. From there, they can promote their full use and become your effective support arm. And of course, you will be the sole owner, everything they have to obey your control.

Merge Battle Car: Idle Clicker Merge Battle Car: Idle Clicker


Understanding this, the game will give you a piece of land, and your task is to earn money to build a place to store your cars. When you have collected cars, you must have a place of your own to keep your cars from being damaged or oxidized. And you can completely upgrade that parking lot into a more luxurious place. Of course, the more modern the garage, the more money you put into it, requiring players to participate in more races.

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