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Dynasty Warriors Unleashed JP v2.11.5 (Mod Apk)

Dynasty Warriors Unleashed JP

Dynasty Warriors Unleashed JP

Dynasty Warriors Unleashed JP v2.11.5 (Mod Apk) Completely recreating refreshing and dynamic actions of “True Sangoku Musou”!
Become warrior of Ikki Tousen coloring the world of Sangokushi and defeat the enemy’s army!

■ Clearance of enemies with “Ikkitousen” ‘s powerful action!
With the powerful Musou Action, unique to the True Sangoku Musou,
Experience the exhilaration of cleaning up enemies!

■ Only individuals rich and strong! More than 40 military commanders can play!
Early playable characters are scheduled to be updated for 40 people every month!
Experience personality rich and attractive skills and find your favorite warlords!

■ Story drawn in cinematic
Cinematic production of rich stories of Sangokushi!
Enjoy the drama that various characters woven!

■ Fulfilling game mode
In addition to the story mode, in cooperation with friends “fantasy fighting game” mode fighting the enemy general,
Also equipped with ‘fighter’ modes where players compete against each other!

■ “True · Sangoku Musou Zakira” recommended for such people
People who like action games and RPG games
People who want to enjoy a refreshing battle
People who like Sangokushi
Someone who likes cool and cute characters

■ “True · Sankoku Musou Zaku” play start fee
We will give the following items to everyone as a new user benefit.
· 3,000 gold coins (11 gacha per session)
· Promotion ★ 3 (Silver frame – green)
· 1 elementary skill scroll

■ Android Limited Benefits
We will give the following warlords to everyone using Android.
Kanko Paint ★ 3 (Copper frame – blue)

Required environment
Android 4.4 or later (latest OS recommended). Memory 2 GB or more is recommended.

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真・三國無双 斬
真・三國無双 斬

2. One Hit Kill
3. God Mode


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