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Disney Emoji Blitz v50.1.0 MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

Disney Emoji Blitz v50.1.0 MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

Disney Emoji Blitz is a match-three game where players will enter a world filled with emojis of Disney characters. You will spend time going through many different levels and performing the tasks that the game requires. At the same time, you will be able to unlock many different emojis in the game, which can be seen as the motivation of the players in this game. In the current version, many events are waiting for you to participate in.


In the current version of Disney Emoji Blitz, players will participate in exciting events taking place in October that are Hocu Pocus and Haunted Mansion. These two events take place consecutively and are in the style of Halloween. You will participate in many different levels to unlock impressive rewards. Of course, this version also brings you emojis of two new characters, Billy and Hitchhiker Ghost Phineas. You will take the time to unlock them.

An interesting point when you participate in this event is the variety of tasks and rewards. So you will try to complete the levels and collect as many points as possible in the match-three levels. At the same time, when you choose emojis to participate in the match, players will need to pay attention to the recommendation factor that the game provides. Of course, when you use the recommended emojis, you will collect more points because this is the event for them.

Disney Emoji Blitz Disney Emoji Blitz


When you participate in Disney Emoji Blitz, you will surely be entirely impressed when you see the match elements emojis of Disney characters. These characters have been associated with many people’s childhoods, so surely anyone will want to try the gameplay. The gameplay of this game is straightforward: you will participate in the game screen to collect more points by making match three or more emojis elements.

It is typical of match-three games, but the interesting point is that you will not need to meet a specific requirement in a given number of turns similar to Candy Crush Saga. The challenging factor that players will have to pay attention to is the time factor. At the same time, when you match emojis to a certain threshold, the energy bar of emojis will be filled. That can be seen as the character that supports you in this game.

Disney Emoji Blitz Disney Emoji Blitz


You will be able to find many different emojis in Disney Emoji Blitz, and their feature is to perform an effect on the field and help players earn extra points. So, to use this skill, players will need to match a certain amount of emojis of the same type. After the energy bar is complete, click on the emojis, and the skill will be performed immediately. Another energy bar with a rainbow cloud icon also helps you collect more points.

After each time you complete a level, you will see how you completed the task. In addition, the experience bar of emojis has also been increased, and the point value will also be improved. You will collect a lot of money through the levels, and it will be used to unlock different emojis. Nothing is more enjoyable when you open the character you like and go through many different levels with them. It is an exciting game that you cannot ignore.

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