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Cisco Jabber- The best web conferencing software for small business

Cisco Jabber- The best web conferencing software for small business

Internal communication software or platforms are not too strange for businesses and companies.

During the complicated epidemic period, the focus on organizing meetings as well as communication is limited. The use of online communication software to exchange information will be a good solution for businesses. Cisco Jabber- The best web conferencing software for small businesses will introduce you to more about this software.

Introduction to Cisco Jabber- The best web conferencing software for small business

Cisco Jabber is an integrated unified communications application that allows users to be more productive from any location. It is also a communication platform with browser and mobile app solutions. It enables users to collaborate via instant messaging, voice, VoIP, and video telephony. Voice and video calling, call recording, and broadcast messaging are among the features.

Introduction to Cisco Jabber

Cisco Jabber can be used in desk phone mode or softphone mode.

Each mode has the following characteristics:

In desk phone mode, Cisco Jabber uses the CRUQBR protocol to control an IP Phone. The IP Phone must be registered with CUCM and associated with an end user. When multiple IP Phones associated with an end user are registered with CUCM, the end user can choose which IP Phone is used in Cisco Jabber to make calls.

In softphone mode, Cisco Jabber will enable softphone software based on Cisco CSGF (Client Service Framework), registering Jabber as a SIP device. The administrator must create a CSF device with the corresponding end-user name to enable CSF.

Cisco Jabber sends and receives chat messages over TLS secure tunnels. When an end user sends a chat message to a contact who is logged into multiple chat devices at the same time, the IMP chat service sends chat messages to each client. This function is called IM forking.

The IMP chat service continues to duplicate chat messages to all clients until the contact responds. The Cisco IMP then distributes the chat message only to the device where the response action is taken. When Cisco IMP is used in softphone mode, the CSF supports the SRST fail-over mode configured in CUCM.

In softphone mode, Cisco CSF ​​can use a variety of codecs. The choice is based on the region configuration in CUCM. Cisco Jabber can handle SRTP-based encryption. When we use Cisco Jabber in desk phone mode, the codec selection is based on the IP Phone and the configurations in the region section. Cisco Jabber uses SIP signaling. Cisco Jabber supports video calls and video conferencing. When we use Jabber in desk phone mode, we can configure IP Phones (with CTI enabled) to enable video functionality. In this mode, the phone can be controlled and dialed by Jabber’s interface. Using the video conferencing function, we can deploy a video conference bridge and assign this bridge to the MGRL.

Cisco Jabber can be integrated into other UC products to support a wide range of features. It can be integrated with Cisco Unity Connection. This integration enhances the ability to use voicemail with the visual voicemail application built into Cisco Jabber. End users can control their voicemail from Jabber and listen to, send, or delete these voicemail messages.

Jabber also includes click-to-call functionality from MS Outlook and applications like Word and Excel. End users can monitor the current status in MS Outlook. Regarding message compatibility, Cisco IMP can be configured to log messages through an external server.

Cisco Jabber Key Benefits: The most effective web conferencing software for small businesses.

-Connect collaboratively anywhere on any device with Cisco Jabber.

One of the key benefits of using Cisco Jabber software is the ability to stay connected anywhere. People can join online meetings and perform other operations quickly right on their mobile devices. This is extremely convenient for users with busy schedules and always on the go.

-Simplify the process and improve meeting efficiency.

Easily access voice, video, presence, instant messaging, voice messaging, desktop sharing, and conferencing capabilities.

-Effective business connecting with people via IP voice and video phones

With Cisco Jabber, you will be able to make video calls in HD quality or higher. During the meeting, you can directly share data on your computer screen or your mobile device with other points of demand to increase efficiency when solving the issues being discussed.

The most effective of Cisco Jabber web conferencing software for small businesses

-Full collaborative connectivity experience on iPad

When you are not at the office but still want to attend or conduct online meetings, the Cisco Jaber App is the best solution. Download the app to your mobile device, launch it, sign in to your pre-registered account and you’re in the meeting.

-Combined with Microsoft Office

When using the Cisco Jabber application, you can also run it in conjunction with Microsoft Office at the same time to improve the efficiency of information exchange between the bridge points. When connected, only two devices with similar applications are used.

-Jabber Software Development Kit (SDK)

The Jabber Software Development Kit (SDK) is Cisco’s software development kit written specifically for video conferencing devices. With this breakthrough, now you just need to install the Jabber Software Development Kit on your computer and open a web browser to be able to participate in online meetings without having to step into the meeting room.

Why use Cisco Jabber- The best web conferencing software for small business

Cisco Jabber is a unified communications software solution designed to facilitate the communication and collaboration needs of any business.

With Jabber, users can take advantage of conferencing, messaging and video and voice screen sharing on any mobile device such as iPhone or iPad to work anytime, anywhere.

Jabber includes instant messaging, voice calls, video calls, voice messaging, desktop sharing, XMPP clients, and more.

Jabber offers additional features such as multilingual support, integrated Cisco phone lines, and Cisco unified communications manager integration for manageable call control and session management.

Jabber also includes a bot framework to help businesses automatically send and receive messages, handle active chats, and answer incoming calls.

Jabber pricing is available upon request and can be purchased from Cisco or any Cisco partner. Jabber is available as a mobile app for any iOS or Android device.

Hopefully, the article Cisco Jabber- The best web conferencing software for small businesses will provide useful information for you.

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